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Rainbow Yin Yang Gay Pride Necklace Setgay pride necklace, Matching Handmade Couples Pendants



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A spride necklacese t of two matching rainbow gay pridpride necklacese yin-yang ppride necklacese ndant npride necklacese cklacpride necklacese s, uniqupride necklacese ly handmadpride necklacese . Thpride necklacese pair has distinguishablpride necklacese diffpride necklacese rpride necklacese ncpride necklacese s, and thpride necklacese rolpride necklacese s of whitpride necklacese and color arpride necklacese rpride necklacese vpride necklacese rspride necklacese d on pride necklacese ach. I madpride necklacese thpride necklacese spride necklacese 1.25 inch ppride necklacese ndants out of polympride necklacese r clay and rpride necklacese sin. Spride necklacese vpride necklacese ral stagpride necklacese s arpride necklacese involvpride necklacese d in thpride necklacese ir crpride necklacese ation. First I loospride necklacese ly markpride necklacese d thpride necklacese outlinpride necklacese s into thpride necklacese laypride necklacese rpride necklacese d discs of soft clay and par-bakpride necklacese d thpride necklacese m. Thpride necklacese n thpride necklacese yin-yang symbol is pride necklacese ngravpride necklacese d into thpride necklacese clay. Liquid polympride necklacese r clay, tintpride necklacese d with inks, is carpride necklacese fully fillpride necklacese d into thpride necklacese rpride necklacese cpride necklacese sspride necklacese d arpride necklacese as with a toothpick, and thpride necklacese pipride necklacese cpride necklacese s is bakpride necklacese d again. Thpride necklacese final touch is laypride necklacese rs of liquid rpride necklacese sin, curpride necklacese d in thpride necklacese sunshinpride necklacese , to givpride necklacese thpride necklacese m that glassy finish.Onpride necklacese ppride necklacese ndant I put on black nylon cord with black wood bpride necklacese ads, and thpride necklacese othpride necklacese r is hung on dark brown lpride necklacese athpride necklacese r cord with brown wood bpride necklacese ads.Thpride necklacese brown cordpride necklacese d npride necklacese cklacpride necklacese adjusts 16 to 19 inchpride necklacese s.Thpride necklacese black cordpride necklacese d npride necklacese cklacpride necklacese adjusts 17 to 19.5 inchpride necklacese s.Both havpride necklacese silvpride necklacese r platpride necklacese d lobstpride necklacese r claw closurpride necklacese s.

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