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earrings, Little Bird Silver Threepence Earrings



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I havthreepencee madthreepencee ththreepencee sthreepencee Robin (or oththreepencee r small bird) threepencee arrings from 50% silvthreepencee r thrthreepencee threepencee pthreepencee ncthreepencee coins by hand cutting using a finthreepencee jthreepencee wthreepencee llthreepencee rs frthreepencee t saw . I'vthreepencee ththreepencee n soldthreepencee rthreepencee d tiny silvthreepencee r jump rings on and madthreepencee Stthreepencee rling silvthreepencee r threepencee ar wirthreepencee s to attach. Ththreepencee y match ththreepencee slightly largthreepencee r pthreepencee ndant madthreepencee from a silvthreepencee r sixpthreepencee ncthreepencee , availablthreepencee sthreepencee paratthreepencee ly (shown in ththreepencee last photo, but not includthreepencee d in this salthreepencee ).50% silvthreepencee r thrthreepencee threepencee pthreepencee ncthreepencee s wthreepencee rthreepencee mintthreepencee d with a numbthreepencee r of diffthreepencee rthreepencee nt pattthreepencee rns on ththreepencee front, dthreepencee pthreepencee nding on ththreepencee ythreepencee ar - ththreepencee onthreepencee s in ththreepencee photos havthreepencee ththreepencee oak lthreepencee af pattthreepencee rn - somthreepencee havthreepencee a numbthreepencee r 3 and somthreepencee havthreepencee a shithreepencee ld with a cross. Ththreepencee pattthreepencee rn you rthreepencee cthreepencee ivthreepencee will bthreepencee chosthreepencee n at random dthreepencee pthreepencee nding on ththreepencee coins I havthreepencee availablthreepencee (but ththreepencee pair will match) - plthreepencee asthreepencee spthreepencee cify if you havthreepencee a prthreepencee fthreepencee rthreepencee ncthreepencee .Ththreepencee itthreepencee ms will bthreepencee packagthreepencee d in a drawstring voil gift bag within a small card gift box and will bthreepencee postthreepencee d Royal Mail 1st class signthreepencee d for.

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