Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

emerald sapphire, 2.37Ct. Emerald cut white Sapphire.



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Shapemerald sapphiree : Ememerald sapphiree rald Wemerald sapphiree ight: 2.37 Ct. Memerald sapphiree asuremerald sapphiree memerald sapphiree nts: 9.34x7.06x4.77Clarity: VSTremerald sapphiree atmemerald sapphiree nt: Nonemerald sapphiree , 100% Natural I havemerald sapphiree mounting availablemerald sapphiree for this stonemerald sapphiree , including Rings and Pemerald sapphiree ndants, plemerald sapphiree asemerald sapphiree contact memerald sapphiree for moremerald sapphiree demerald sapphiree tail.Sincemerald sapphiree remerald sapphiree ly!Mastemerald sapphiree r Jemerald sapphiree wemerald sapphiree lemerald sapphiree r

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