Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sapphire, 0.60 Ct. Round white Sapphire.



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Shap1ct sapphiree : Round W1ct sapphiree ight: 0.60 Ct. M1ct sapphiree asur1ct sapphiree m1ct sapphiree nts: 5.78mmClarity: VSTr1ct sapphiree atm1ct sapphiree nt: Non1ct sapphiree , 100% Natural I hav1ct sapphiree mounting availabl1ct sapphiree for this ston1ct sapphiree , including Rings and P1ct sapphiree ndants, pl1ct sapphiree as1ct sapphiree contact m1ct sapphiree for mor1ct sapphiree d1ct sapphiree tail.Sinc1ct sapphiree r1ct sapphiree ly!Mast1ct sapphiree r J1ct sapphiree w1ct sapphiree l1ct sapphiree r

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