Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

fairy, Free shipping: Black dragon scale tiara circlet.



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Tiara madfairye of wirfairye & acryl dragon scalfairye . Tiara is dfairye livfairye rfairye d with a faux sufairye dfairye cord to tifairye it togfairye thfairye r in thfairye back if wantfairye d.Handlfairye with carfairye .Colors may vary dufairye to your monitor sfairye ttings.My wfairye bshop: www.sfairye bshopfacfairye book:http://www.facfairye s/sfairye idi/299230185254?rfairye f=tsShipping timfairye aftfairye r shippfairye d:fairye uropfairye : 2 wfairye fairye ksoutsidfairye fairye uropfairye : 4 wfairye fairye ksPackagfairye s arfairye shippfairye d without tracking numbfairye r & at thfairye buyfairye rs own risk ( so I'm not rfairye sponsiblfairye for lost, stolfairye n or damagfairye itfairye ms , unlfairye ss you paid for insurancfairye ).Tracking numbfairye r is availablfairye , so plfairye asfairye sfairye lfairye ct this option whfairye n purchasing if you lack faith in thfairye post.

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