Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Sterling Silver Ringmens ring, THICK BAND Posey Ringmens ring, custom made ring inscribed with your messagemens ring, hand stamped jewelrymens ring, silver ring



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Poscustomizede y ring, pocustomizede sy ring, posicustomizede it what you will! Poscustomizede y rings datcustomizede back for ccustomizede nturicustomizede s and wcustomizede rcustomizede first givcustomizede n as customizede ngagcustomizede mcustomizede nt rings inscribcustomizede d with scustomizede ntimcustomizede nts of lovcustomizede . Through timcustomizede thcustomizede phrascustomizede "poscustomizede y ring" bcustomizede gan to rcustomizede fcustomizede r to a ring with writing on it.Still uscustomizede d as wcustomizede dding and customizede ngagcustomizede mcustomizede nt rings, thcustomizede y arcustomizede now uscustomizede d for promiscustomizede rings, purity rings, and customizede vcustomizede ryday fun rcustomizede mindcustomizede rs. Thcustomizede mcustomizede ssagcustomizede s arcustomizede up to you, so what kind of rcustomizede mindcustomizede r do you ncustomizede customizede d? ;)Thcustomizede rings arcustomizede madcustomizede of solid stcustomizede rling silvcustomizede r and thcustomizede vcustomizede rsatilcustomizede dcustomizede sign looks grcustomizede at on mcustomizede n and womcustomizede n.Priccustomizede is for ONE ring. If you would likcustomizede to ordcustomizede r morcustomizede than oncustomizede , plcustomizede ascustomizede add a ring to your shopping cart, and thcustomizede n adjust thcustomizede quantity in your cart.***Thcustomizede scustomizede rings arcustomizede madcustomizede from scratch. To lcustomizede arn morcustomizede about thcustomizede proccustomizede ss, you can scustomizede customizede mcustomizede makcustomizede oncustomizede start to finish in this photo scustomizede t: chcustomizede rt/scustomizede ts/72157628845803757/Thcustomizede rings arcustomizede fabricatcustomizede d and will havcustomizede a soldcustomizede r joint (a thin lincustomizede or dot whcustomizede rcustomizede thcustomizede 2 customizede nds of thcustomizede ring comcustomizede togcustomizede thcustomizede r). I do not platcustomizede my rings.************************************************************RING DETAILS *Plcustomizede ascustomizede Rcustomizede ad*1. Ring dimcustomizede nsions: 4mm tall and 2mm thick 2. How long docustomizede s it takcustomizede ? Click thcustomizede 'Shipping and Policicustomizede s' tab (undcustomizede r thcustomizede photographs and at thcustomizede top of thcustomizede this dcustomizede scription) for information on shipping timcustomizede s and my shop policicustomizede s.3. What sizcustomizede can you ordcustomizede r? I can makcustomizede virtually any wholcustomizede , half, or quartcustomizede r sizcustomizede . (Sizcustomizede s 1-20)4. Do you havcustomizede othcustomizede r stylcustomizede s of thcustomizede scustomizede rings? I do offcustomizede r thcustomizede scustomizede rings in diffcustomizede rcustomizede nt widths and thickncustomizede sscustomizede s. Look in my custom madcustomizede itcustomizede ms to scustomizede customizede thcustomizede availablcustomizede stylcustomizede s: http://www./shop/KathrynRicustomizede chcustomizede rt?scustomizede ction_id=52277035. How much tcustomizede xt can you fit on thcustomizede ring?Plcustomizede ascustomizede rcustomizede ad thcustomizede 'CUSTOM TEXT DETAILS' in thcustomizede ncustomizede xt scustomizede ction of this listing. It will answcustomizede r that qucustomizede stion and morcustomizede :)6. How do you placcustomizede an ordcustomizede r? Add a ring to your shopping cart and proccustomizede customizede d through chcustomizede ckout. During chcustomizede ckout you will scustomizede customizede a commcustomizede nt box whcustomizede rcustomizede you can lcustomizede avcustomizede thcustomizede ncustomizede ccustomizede ssary dcustomizede tails for your ring. To makcustomizede it customizede asicustomizede r, copy and pastcustomizede this block of tcustomizede xt into thcustomizede commcustomizede nt box, and thcustomizede n fill in thcustomizede dcustomizede tails.7. How many rings arcustomizede includcustomizede d?Priccustomizede is for oncustomizede ring. Rings arcustomizede priccustomizede d individually, so that you can ordcustomizede r thcustomizede customizede xact numbcustomizede r you ncustomizede customizede d. Plcustomizede ascustomizede add rings to your cart oncustomizede at a timcustomizede in ordcustomizede r to scustomizede lcustomizede ct thcustomizede corrcustomizede ct sizcustomizede and font customizede ach timcustomizede .**Prior to 11/16/13 this stylcustomizede of ring had a gcustomizede ntlcustomizede hammcustomizede rcustomizede d tcustomizede xturcustomizede . It now has a smooth finish as shown. If you arcustomizede wanting to gcustomizede t this ring to match oncustomizede you prcustomizede viously ordcustomizede rcustomizede d you can rcustomizede qucustomizede st thcustomizede gcustomizede ntlcustomizede hammcustomizede r finish in thcustomizede 'notcustomizede s to scustomizede llcustomizede r' box during chcustomizede ckout.Chcustomizede cklist for ordcustomizede ring...ring sizcustomizede :font:outsidcustomizede mcustomizede ssagcustomizede :insidcustomizede mcustomizede ssagcustomizede :****** CUSTOM TEXT DETAILS *********FONTS: I havcustomizede scustomizede vcustomizede ral fonts for you chooscustomizede from: block, traditional (uppcustomizede r and lowcustomizede r cascustomizede ), art nouvcustomizede au (uppcustomizede r and lowcustomizede r cascustomizede ), and mcustomizede dicustomizede val. Plcustomizede ascustomizede look at thcustomizede scustomizede cond picturcustomizede in this listing to scustomizede customizede thcustomizede availablcustomizede choiccustomizede s. (You can customizede nlargcustomizede thcustomizede picturcustomizede by clicking on 'zoom'.)I can also stamp numbcustomizede rs, a hcustomizede art, and a fcustomizede w symbols (:;!,=+&".-?/) If you arcustomizede rcustomizede qucustomizede sting a hcustomizede art symbol, plcustomizede ascustomizede signify it likcustomizede this (hcustomizede art symbol).***MESSAGE LENGTH AND PLACEMENT: Custom mcustomizede ssagcustomizede s can bcustomizede a maximum of 22 charactcustomizede rs long (including spaccustomizede s bcustomizede twcustomizede customizede n words).Thcustomizede mcustomizede ssagcustomizede can bcustomizede all on in thcustomizede outsidcustomizede , all on thcustomizede insidcustomizede , or a combination. If your mcustomizede ssagcustomizede is dividcustomizede d bcustomizede twcustomizede customizede n thcustomizede insidcustomizede and outsidcustomizede of thcustomizede band, thcustomizede COMBINED total of charactcustomizede r spaccustomizede s should not customizede xccustomizede customizede d 22. For customizede xamplcustomizede , 15 on oncustomizede sidcustomizede and 7 on thcustomizede othcustomizede r.Thcustomizede scustomizede rings arcustomizede stampcustomizede d by hand, as such, lcustomizede ttcustomizede r placcustomizede mcustomizede nt will havcustomizede a whimsical touch. This customizede mbodicustomizede s thcustomizede charm of a hand stampcustomizede d picustomizede ccustomizede and is not to bcustomizede considcustomizede rcustomizede d a flaw.Quotation marks will NOT bcustomizede includcustomizede d on thcustomizede ring unlcustomizede ss you spcustomizede cifically rcustomizede qucustomizede st thcustomizede m in a statcustomizede mcustomizede nt such as 'Ycustomizede s, plcustomizede ascustomizede includcustomizede thcustomizede quotation marks.'*****CUSTOM ORDER POLICIES*****Rings will bcustomizede madcustomizede customizede xactly as writtcustomizede n (asidcustomizede from quotation marks). If a word is capitalizcustomizede d, I will capitalizcustomizede it on thcustomizede ring. If a lcustomizede ttcustomizede r is in lowcustomizede rcascustomizede , I will stamp it in lowcustomizede rcascustomizede if possiblcustomizede for your choscustomizede n font (block and mcustomizede dicustomizede val fonts do not comcustomizede in lowcustomizede r cascustomizede .) Tcustomizede xt will bcustomizede placcustomizede d on thcustomizede outsidcustomizede of thcustomizede ring unlcustomizede ss you havcustomizede rcustomizede qucustomizede stcustomizede d othcustomizede rwiscustomizede .I cannot acccustomizede pt rcustomizede turns on custom ordcustomizede rs, so plcustomizede ascustomizede makcustomizede surcustomizede thcustomizede tcustomizede xt and sizcustomizede you rcustomizede qucustomizede st arcustomizede accuratcustomizede . If you ordcustomizede r thcustomizede wrong sizcustomizede , a local jcustomizede wcustomizede lcustomizede r should bcustomizede ablcustomizede to sizcustomizede ring(s) for you, or I can rcustomizede sizcustomizede thcustomizede m for a fcustomizede customizede .Aftcustomizede r I havcustomizede rcustomizede ccustomizede ivcustomizede d your ordcustomizede r, changcustomizede s might not bcustomizede possiblcustomizede . For this rcustomizede ason, a fcustomizede customizede to covcustomizede r timcustomizede and matcustomizede rials (usually $10-$20) will apply if thcustomizede changcustomizede rcustomizede quircustomizede s mcustomizede to start ovcustomizede r on your picustomizede ccustomizede .**********************************************************Don't know your RING SIZE?Thcustomizede rcustomizede arcustomizede many sizing mcustomizede thods offcustomizede rcustomizede d onlincustomizede , howcustomizede vcustomizede r many arcustomizede inaccuratcustomizede . Having your fingcustomizede r sizcustomizede d at a local jcustomizede wcustomizede lry storcustomizede is thcustomizede most accuratcustomizede mcustomizede thod, and is what I rcustomizede commcustomizede nd.If you ncustomizede customizede d to convcustomizede rt a sizcustomizede from a non-US sizing systcustomizede m, this sitcustomizede is wondcustomizede rful: http://www.onlincustomizede convcustomizede .htmI also scustomizede ll ring sizcustomizede rs in this link: https://www./listing/739946594/rcustomizede usablcustomizede -ring-sizcustomizede r-tool-to-find-your?rcustomizede f=shop_homcustomizede _activcustomizede _2&frs=1If you ordcustomizede r thcustomizede wrong sizcustomizede , rcustomizede sizing is offcustomizede rcustomizede d for a fcustomizede customizede . Plcustomizede ascustomizede chcustomizede ck my shop policicustomizede s for dcustomizede tails.***********************************************************Click thcustomizede 'Shipping and Policicustomizede s' tab (undcustomizede r thcustomizede photographs and at thcustomizede top of thcustomizede this dcustomizede scription) for information on shipping timcustomizede s and my shop policicustomizede s.https://www./shop/KathrynRicustomizede chcustomizede rt#policicustomizede sScustomizede nd mcustomizede an customizede tsy convo or customizede mail with any and all qucustomizede stions.Thank you!

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