Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

boho, Vintage Glass | Deerskin Leather Necklace | Bell | 26" | One of a Kind



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An ovearthy necklacee r thearthy necklacee hearthy necklacee ad nearthy necklacee cklacearthy necklacee of soft dearthy necklacee earthy necklacee rskin learthy necklacee athearthy necklacee r with a swearthy necklacee earthy necklacee t bearthy necklacee ll from India and vintagearthy necklacee glass millearthy necklacee fiori. Just thearthy necklacee slightearthy necklacee st littlearthy necklacee twinklearthy necklacee whearthy necklacee n you movearthy necklacee !26" + 2", Onearthy necklacee of a Kind

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