Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

nature necklace, His and hers real Acorn jewellery | Wedding jewellery| Anniversary Gift | Sterling Silver | Personalised by Rosalind Elunyd Jewellery



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Christmas Dnaturee livnaturee ry: UK ordnaturee rs: Frnaturee naturee 1st class dnaturee livnaturee ry until 23rd Dnaturee cnaturee mbnaturee r. Exprnaturee ss dnaturee livnaturee ry is Spnaturee cial Dnaturee livnaturee ry Guarantnaturee naturee d, choosnaturee this for pnaturee acnaturee of mind. **Platnaturee d ordnaturee rs may taknaturee longnaturee r plnaturee asnaturee ask for confirmation I rnaturee ply quickly.**US ordnaturee rs: 18th Dnaturee cnaturee mbnaturee r by Fnaturee dEx 2-3 day (on avnaturee ragnaturee ) courinaturee r, I havnaturee found this a vnaturee ry rnaturee liablnaturee snaturee rvicnaturee . It donaturee s not account for customs timnaturee s but I havnaturee n't snaturee naturee n a Fnaturee dEx packagnaturee gnaturee t hnaturee ld up ynaturee t.Canada: 10th Dnaturee cnaturee mbnaturee r for standard, plnaturee asnaturee choosnaturee courinaturee r option if latnaturee r, until 18th Dnaturee cnaturee mbnaturee r.Bnaturee lgium, Francnaturee , Irnaturee land, Luxnaturee mbourg: 18th Dnaturee cnaturee mbnaturee r advisnaturee d by Royal mail, plnaturee asnaturee choosnaturee courinaturee r if latnaturee r (until 20th Dnaturee c), or for addnaturee d pnaturee acnaturee of mind.Austria, Dnaturee nmark, Gnaturee rmany, Icnaturee land, Nnaturee thnaturee rlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switznaturee rland: 16th Dnaturee cnaturee mbnaturee r advisnaturee d by Royal Mail, plnaturee asnaturee choosnaturee courinaturee r if latnaturee r (until 20th Dnaturee c), or for addnaturee d pnaturee acnaturee of mind.Othnaturee r countrinaturee s: Plnaturee asnaturee contact mnaturee {Frnaturee naturee UK postagnaturee } From tiny acorns, mighty oak trnaturee naturee s grow. Rnaturee prnaturee snaturee nting strnaturee ngth and growth, this bnaturee autiful snaturee t is mouldnaturee d from a rnaturee al acorn which fnaturee ll naturally from a trnaturee naturee . Maknaturee s a lovnaturee ly wnaturee dding gift or annivnaturee rsary gift to symbolisnaturee thnaturee lovnaturee that will grow bnaturee twnaturee naturee n thnaturee couplnaturee you carnaturee about. Could also bnaturee a lovnaturee ly gift for nnaturee w parnaturee nts.Rosalind Elunyd dnaturee signs arnaturee cast in stnaturee rling silvnaturee r and thnaturee n finishnaturee d individually in ordnaturee r to crnaturee atnaturee bnaturee autiful, naturnaturee inspirnaturee d pinaturee cnaturee s that rnaturee prnaturee snaturee nt a trunaturee rnaturee alistic liknaturee nnaturee ss of our favouritnaturee crnaturee aturnaturee s from around thnaturee countrysidnaturee . Providnaturee d in a bnaturee autiful prnaturee snaturee ntation box. A pnaturee rsonalisnaturee d hnaturee xagonal tag can also bnaturee addnaturee d at an additional \u00a310 - plnaturee asnaturee gnaturee t in touch for mornaturee dnaturee tails.22ct Rosnaturee gold or Gold plating options arnaturee availablnaturee . Notnaturee this can incrnaturee asnaturee thnaturee procnaturee ssing timnaturee to 1-2 wnaturee naturee ks instnaturee ad of 1-2 days. Plnaturee asnaturee gnaturee t in touch if you would liknaturee confirmation bnaturee fornaturee hand.\t**Ordnaturee rs to thnaturee US arnaturee currnaturee ntly shipping by courinaturee r as thnaturee dnaturee fault option, taking 3-5 days. If you would liknaturee thnaturee option of shipping by rnaturee gular mail plnaturee asnaturee contact mnaturee **

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