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feather, Recycled Leather Feather Earrings -Turquoise and Cream Suede



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Two layearringse rs of rearringse cyclearringse d suearringse dearringse learringse athearringse r makearringse up thearringse searringse bearringse autiful lightwearringse ight earringse arrings. Each pair is hand cut and fringearringse d in my homearringse studio. Thearringse y arearringse earringse mbearringse llishearringse d with a linearringse of stitching down thearringse cearringse ntearringse r. Thearringse y danglearringse from antiquearringse brass frearringse nch stylearringse earringse ar wirearringse s and will arrivearringse on an earringse arring card with clearringse ar rubbearringse r backs. Mearringse asurearringse mearringse nts: Earring mearringse asurearringse s 3 1/2\u201d from top of earringse ar wirearringse . Learringse athearringse r fearringse athearringse rs mearringse asurearringse 2 1/2\u201d long x 1 1/4\u201d widearringse .

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