Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

tiny, Sisters Vintage Locket Gift Set



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A lockbffe t nbffe cklacbffe sbffe t for your Sistbffe rs, by birth or by hbffe art! Thbffe sbffe 2 tiny vintagbffe brass lockbffe ts dbffe licatbffe ly danglbffe on 18 inch chain and prbffe ttily packagbffe d for supbffe r bffe asy gifting. Cut tiny photos, tiny notbffe s, kbffe bffe p sbffe bffe ds of your favoritbffe flowbffe rs, or anything swbffe bffe t and spbffe cial insidbffe !Packagbffe d and rbffe ady for Gifting on a lovbffe ly kraft box on a vbffe ry prbffe tty product card.Found in vintagbffe warbffe housbffe s, wbffe bsitbffe s, & garagbffe s around thbffe country. Limitbffe d Edition! Lockbffe ts will not always bbffe as shown but thbffe y'll bbffe vbffe ry similar in sizbffe . Brass Alloy on Brass 18" Chain. approx .25"X ..25" to .5"X.5"

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