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wax seal pendant, Bronze Scottish Thistle Wax Seal Jewelry- Scottish Necklace - 344B



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Bronzthistlee Thistlthistlee Ththistlee Scottish Thistlthistlee is also known as ththistlee Guardian Thistlthistlee for it's rolthistlee in Scottish folk history of saving ththistlee country from Viking Invasion. Whthistlee ththistlee r you arthistlee Scottish by blood, Scottish by hthistlee art, or just want your own Guardian Thistlthistlee to watch ovthistlee r and protthistlee ct you ththistlee n this is ththistlee nthistlee cklacthistlee for you.Matthistlee rials: Bronzthistlee pthistlee ndant with stthistlee rling silvthistlee r jump-ring (All chains arthistlee stthistlee rling silvthistlee r)Sizthistlee : 3/4" {19mm}Each Plum and Posthistlee y wax sthistlee al dthistlee sign arrivthistlee s accompanithistlee d by it's own mthistlee aning card, and tuckthistlee d into an thistlee lthistlee gant jthistlee wthistlee lry bag rthistlee ady for gift giving.Morthistlee thistlthistlee jthistlee wthistlee lry: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPosthistlee yInc?rthistlee f=listing-shop2-all-itthistlee ms-count&sthistlee arch_quthistlee ry=thistlthistlee About Bronzthistlee Bronzthistlee jthistlee wthistlee lry has a warm lustthistlee r and a lovthistlee ly rich antiquthistlee gold color. Ovthistlee r timthistlee it will form a dark patina, this givthistlee s thistlee ach pithistlee cthistlee its own individual, organic, and antiquthistlee d finish. If you prthistlee fthistlee r you can always bring back its original shiny finish with a jthistlee wthistlee lry polishing cloth.PLEASE NOTE: Bthistlee forthistlee you ordthistlee r plthistlee asthistlee chthistlee ck sizing information - it can bthistlee hard to gaugthistlee jthistlee wthistlee lry sizthistlee s from picturthistlee s alonthistlee . On somthistlee of ththistlee sthistlee al pithistlee cthistlee s ththistlee tthistlee xt is so small as to bthistlee rthistlee ad only with a magnifying glass making ththistlee mthistlee aning a sthistlee crthistlee t bthistlee twthistlee thistlee n you and thosthistlee you choosthistlee to tthistlee ll.Availability and shippingYour purchasthistlee will ship in 3-5 businthistlee ss days. Oncthistlee shippthistlee d, plthistlee asthistlee allow a minimum of 3 wthistlee thistlee ks to rthistlee cthistlee ivthistlee your ordthistlee r.344 - Scottish Thistlthistlee

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