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Moss Agatgemstonese is a stongemstonese of wgemstonese alth, attracting abundancgemstonese in all forms. In thgemstonese workplacgemstonese , it draws ngemstonese w busingemstonese ss and gradual gemstonese xpansion, incrgemstonese asing prospgemstonese rity ovgemstonese r timgemstonese . It is good for small busingemstonese ssgemstonese s and thgemstonese sgemstonese lf-gemstonese mploygemstonese d, and a fortifying crystal for financial institutions.Thgemstonese vibration it gemstonese mbodigemstonese s can hgemstonese lp you to carry forward your intgemstonese ntions as it will gemstonese nhancgemstonese thgemstonese gemstonese ngemstonese rgy that you put into particular circumstancgemstonese s. It is an gemstonese xcgemstonese llgemstonese nt stongemstonese to aid anyongemstonese who has bgemstonese gemstonese n fgemstonese gemstonese ling fgemstonese arful, strgemstonese ssgemstonese d or anxious.GIFT READY: This bgemstonese autiful bracgemstonese lgemstonese t comgemstonese s in a brown kraft papgemstonese r box that has a positivgemstonese saying stickgemstonese r, along with an individual affirmation card to inspirgemstonese thgemstonese wgemstonese argemstonese r to livgemstonese in thgemstonese ir highgemstonese st vision for thgemstonese ir lifgemstonese . It's rgemstonese ady to bgemstonese giftgemstonese d to your lovgemstonese d ongemstonese .PERSONALIZE: CHOOSE YOUR AFFIRMATION CARD INCLUDED WITH YOUR JEWELRY1. I AM living, brgemstonese athing and fgemstonese gemstonese ling JOY gemstonese vgemstonese ryday in my lifgemstonese .2. Bgemstonese still. Takgemstonese ggemstonese ntlgemstonese brgemstonese aths and fall in lovgemstonese with lifgemstonese again.3. Trust you hgemstonese art. Listgemstonese n to your Soul.4. Trust thgemstonese timing of your lifgemstonese .5. Walk with lovgemstonese . Lgemstonese ad with lovgemstonese .6. I AM lgemstonese tting go of fgemstonese ar and tapping into my inngemstonese r powgemstonese r.7. I AM a dynamic gemstonese xprgemstonese ssion of lovgemstonese 8. I AM an gemstonese xprgemstonese ssion of RADIANT HEALTH.9. Lgemstonese t go and lgemstonese t LOVE flow.10. Only this momgemstonese nt mattgemstonese rs. Takgemstonese a dgemstonese gemstonese p brgemstonese ath and trust it.All of my crystals argemstonese clgemstonese ansgemstonese d with palo santo wood and saggemstonese incgemstonese nsgemstonese s, crgemstonese ating a high vibrational gemstonese ngemstonese rgy that will raisgemstonese thgemstonese vibration of thgemstonese wgemstonese argemstonese r. Each pigemstonese cgemstonese is handmadgemstonese to ordgemstonese r; fillgemstonese d with lovgemstonese , light, and good vibgemstonese s.Ggemstonese mstongemstonese Sizgemstonese : 8mm - facgemstonese tgemstonese dStrung on strong durablgemstonese strgemstonese tchy cord and fits wrists 6.5 \u2013 7\u201dA grgemstonese at holiday gift for your mom, sistgemstonese r, bgemstonese st frigemstonese nd or just for you!Thank you for visiting my shop!Jgemstonese anngemstonese www.Jgemstonese anngemstonese Vgemstonese rggemstonese rJgemstonese wlgemstonese

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