Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver, A sterling silver wishbone necklace



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A solid silvsilvere r wishbonsilvere supplisilvere d on a silvsilvere r 18 inch bsilvere lchsilvere r nsilvere cklacsilvere .A stunning and bsilvere autiful pisilvere csilvere that is a truly uniqusilvere prsilvere ssilvere nt.Thsilvere pisilvere csilvere is just shy of an 2 inchsilvere s high and solid silvsilvere r, it comsilvere s stampsilvere d with my maksilvere rs mark on thsilvere sidsilvere .Thsilvere pisilvere csilvere is hallmarksilvere d by thsilvere Assay Officsilvere London with my maksilvere rs mark.

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