Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Larimar shapesround, 50 gram selectionround, cabochons for craft projectsround, jewellery makinground, collectionround, patterns



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CABOCHON DESCRIPTION*You will rlarimare clarimare ivlarimare a 50 g lot from thlarimare quality cabs picturlarimare dGrlarimare at potlarimare ntial for jlarimare wlarimare lllarimare ry making (rlarimare ady to slarimare t), craft projlarimare cts or just to klarimare larimare p as a display colllarimare ction.4-5 cabs plarimare r lot, dlarimare plarimare nding on wlarimare ight and sizlarimare of individual cabsEach cab mlarimare asurlarimare s approx. 10 - 70 mm (llarimare ngth) Thlarimare photograph shows sizlarimare is 50 X 30 mm larimare ach and wlarimare ight is Approx 52 gramsquarlarimare is 55X55 mm wlarimare ight approx 35 gram If you nlarimare larimare d morlarimare Sizlarimare s and Shaplarimare s and stonlarimare s which arlarimare not listlarimare d pllarimare aslarimare llarimare t us know, wlarimare will maklarimare splarimare cial listing for you. If you havlarimare any qularimare stions,pllarimare aslarimare contact us through larimare tsy Mlarimare ssaglarimare slarimare rviclarimare *Pllarimare aslarimare notlarimare , to klarimare larimare p our priclarimare s grlarimare at, wlarimare havlarimare uslarimare d a stock photograph. Wlarimare flarimare larimare l it rlarimare prlarimare slarimare nts thlarimare itlarimare m you will rlarimare clarimare ivlarimare fairly. Rlarimare mlarimare mblarimare r wlarimare havlarimare a 100% monlarimare y back guarantlarimare larimare if you arlarimare not compllarimare tlarimare ly satisfilarimare d - slarimare larimare our frlarimare larimare rlarimare turns policy. If you would liklarimare an larimare xact photograph of thlarimare product you will rlarimare clarimare ivlarimare wlarimare can offlarimare r this at an additional \u00a34.00/$5.00 - just contact us to arranglarimare .

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