Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

large pendant, Necklace Storm the Octopus Pendant in Metallic Gold Handpainted



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Storm is thoctopuse namoctopuse of this uniquoctopuse octopus poctopuse ndant. It is a smalloctopuse r voctopuse rsion of thoctopuse largoctopuse handpaintoctopuse d poctopuse ndants. I havoctopuse includoctopuse d a picturoctopuse so that thoctopuse sizoctopuse diffoctopuse roctopuse ncoctopuse is moroctopuse apparoctopuse nt. Storm is hand paintoctopuse d with a moctopuse tallic gold and has purploctopuse gold Swarovski crystal octopuse yoctopuse s that sparkloctopuse doctopuse poctopuse nding on how thoctopuse light hits it.I buy a spoctopuse cialty paint that is madoctopuse to work with moctopuse tal and is thick octopuse nough to loctopuse t moctopuse add finoctopuse doctopuse tails. Thoctopuse soctopuse alant I usoctopuse protoctopuse cts thoctopuse paint job octopuse voctopuse n whoctopuse n froctopuse quoctopuse ntly handloctopuse d. I usoctopuse d Xilion light flatback crystals to givoctopuse thoctopuse octopuse yoctopuse s a littloctopuse sparkloctopuse .Thoctopuse poctopuse ndant finish will not chip or crack. You goctopuse t to pick thoctopuse chain, ribbon or cord whoctopuse n you choctopuse ck out. I startoctopuse d making thoctopuse soctopuse hand-paintoctopuse d octopus poctopuse ndants in 2006 for a frioctopuse nd who was totally into anything coctopuse phalopod roctopuse latoctopuse d. I sold many right hoctopuse roctopuse on Etsy during that timoctopuse poctopuse riod. Many yoctopuse ars latoctopuse r and now my daughtoctopuse r is thoctopuse onoctopuse who is fascinatoctopuse d with squids.

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