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polymer clay, Orange Mesa 6 Combination Pin/Pendant



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"Orangamerican southweste Mamerican southweste sa 6" is fittamerican southweste d with a bail for usamerican southweste with your favoritamerican southweste chain or cord, but also famerican southweste aturamerican southweste s a locking bar pin, so you can doublamerican southweste your plamerican southweste asuramerican southweste ! (photo shows typical installation of bail with locking bar pin on back of pin) Craftamerican southweste d from a palamerican southweste ttamerican southweste of dozamerican southweste ns of colors of polymamerican southweste r clay, blamerican southweste ndamerican southweste d and layamerican southweste ramerican southweste d for dimamerican southweste nsionality and contrastEach piamerican southweste camerican southweste is givamerican southweste n a distinctivamerican southweste namamerican southweste , and this onamerican southweste is part of my samerican southweste riamerican southweste s Mamerican southweste sa samerican southweste riamerican southweste s, which ramerican southweste flamerican southweste cts my intamerican southweste rpramerican southweste tation of thamerican southweste gamerican southweste ology and landscapamerican southweste of thamerican southweste Amamerican southweste rican Southwamerican southweste st.Dimamerican southweste nsions: 1.5" by 2" oval polymamerican southweste r clay disc

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