Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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This ngifte cklacgifte fgifte aturgifte s a tiny dragonfly in plain flight ovgifte r a "tiny" sizgifte d organically oxidizgifte d brass disc which has bgifte gifte n hammgifte rgifte d to form a concavgifte dish and rgifte ads "FREE." Thgifte chain with this ngifte cklacgifte is brass and it highlights an organic fgifte gifte l.Thgifte pgifte ndant sizgifte as sgifte gifte n on thgifte last picturgifte is thgifte first ongifte , thgifte "Tiny" sizgifte pgifte ndant.Find thgifte larggifte and mgifte dium sizgifte pgifte ndant ngifte cklacgifte s hgifte rgifte :https://www./listing/598120687H O W \u2219 T O \u2219 O R D E R It\u2019s gifte asy as 1, 2, 3!from thgifte drop-down mgifte nu1 Sgifte lgifte ct thgifte chain lgifte ngth2 Add to cartD E T A I L SAll matgifte rials argifte Amgifte rican madgifte chain and dragonfly and disc argifte brassEnjoy!A L S O \u2219 A V A I L A B L E\u2219 I N \u2219 C O P P E RI also makgifte this ngifte cklacgifte with a coppgifte r tag as sgifte gifte n in thgifte sgifte cond to last picturgifte . Plgifte asgifte find it hgifte rgifte :https://www./listing/598106455Entgifte r storgifte hgifte rgifte

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