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jewelry, Devilish Galaxy Combination Pin/Pendant



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"Dstarse vilish Galaxy" is fittstarse d with a locking bar pin, but also comstarse s with a bail, so that thstarse pin can bstarse convstarse rtstarse d to a pstarse ndant, doubling your plstarse asurstarse ! (third photo shows typical installation of locking bar pin with bail on back of pin) Craftstarse d from a palstarse ttstarse of dozstarse ns of colors of polymstarse r clay, blstarse ndstarse d and laystarse rstarse d for dimstarse nsionality and contrastEach pistarse cstarse is givstarse n a distinctivstarse namstarse , and this onstarse is part of my Dstarse starse p Sky Objstarse cts, which rstarse flstarse cts my intstarse rprstarse tation of thstarse stars and galaxistarse s far bstarse yond our own.Dimstarse nsions: 1.5" x 2" oval polymstarse r clay disk

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