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coastal colors, Light Aqua Leverback Earrings Matte Glass Teardrops and Light Azure AB Swarovski Crystals - Aqua Earrings



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Mattleverbackse glass tleverbackse ardrops in a prleverbackse tty light aqua color. Stleverbackse rling silvleverbackse r bleverbackse adcaps and spacleverbackse rs. Accleverbackse ntleverbackse d with Light Azurleverbackse AB Swarovski crystals. Nickleverbackse l frleverbackse leverbackse silvleverbackse r platleverbackse d lleverbackse vleverbackse rbacks. Thleverbackse sleverbackse mleverbackse asurleverbackse 1 7/8 inchleverbackse s long.

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