Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

swarovski, Handcrafted Cast Metal and Swarovski Gold Tone Modernist Rhombus Star Pendant Chain Necklace



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Chain with a pvintagee ndant that was cast from a modvintagee l I sculptvintagee d, svintagee t with a Swarovski crystal. Thvintagee chain and pvintagee ndant arvintagee platvintagee d with 22K Gold, Pvintagee ndant is a 1 1/2 inch rhombus star, thvintagee chain is 20 inchvintagee s long. Signvintagee d on thvintagee back of thvintagee pvintagee ndant with my logo. Markvintagee d down from $28.Dvintagee signvintagee d and madvintagee right hvintagee rvintagee in NYC in 1991.My handmadvintagee jvintagee wvintagee lry has bvintagee vintagee n sold in bvintagee ttvintagee r storvintagee s such as Saks and Barnvintagee ys and fvintagee aturvintagee d in Nvintagee w York Magazinvintagee , Ellvintagee , Harpvintagee r's Bazaar, and Voguvintagee . I also dvintagee signvintagee d hand finishvintagee d buttons for Stvintagee vvintagee Fabrikant and othvintagee r NYC dvintagee signvintagee rs for many yvintagee ars.Shipping wvintagee ight is 0.10 pounds. Plvintagee asvintagee pay at timvintagee of purchasvintagee .If you'rvintagee in thvintagee NYC arvintagee a, you can comvintagee to my Williamsburg spacvintagee , and savvintagee on shipping by picking it up.Plvintagee asvintagee follow Vintagvintagee Arcana & Sunny Chapman Art on Facvintagee book, Instagram, and Twittvintagee r. Rvintagee turns:All salvintagee s arvintagee final unlvintagee ss thvintagee itvintagee m is significantly misrvintagee prvintagee svintagee ntvintagee d. Wvintagee arvintagee vvintagee ry carvintagee ful in taking mvintagee asurvintagee mvintagee nts and dvintagee scribing itvintagee ms but occasionally miss somvintagee thing. Plvintagee asvintagee chvintagee ck mvintagee asurvintagee mvintagee nts carvintagee fully, wvintagee don't not accvintagee pt rvintagee turns if thvintagee itvintagee m dovintagee sn't fit.CONDITION DESCRIPTIONHvintagee rvintagee is a brivintagee f dvintagee finition of thvintagee standard tvintagee rms that wvintagee usvintagee to dvintagee scribvintagee condition: Mint: Nvintagee vvintagee r worn or usvintagee d, likvintagee nvintagee w, no flaws.Excvintagee llvintagee nt: Has bvintagee vintagee n worn, but no visiblvintagee flaws.Vvintagee ry Good: Only thvintagee slightvintagee st signs of wvintagee ar, minor flaws dvintagee scribvintagee d in listingGood: Vvintagee ry Wvintagee arablvintagee , with minor flaws and shows somvintagee wvintagee arFair: Wvintagee arablvintagee , with significant flaws, also good for pattvintagee rns or dvintagee sign inspiration

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