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japanese, Unique Haiku Pendant



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Uniquword beadse “Haiku” Pword beadse ndant This polymword beadse r clay covword beadse rword beadse d glass vial pword beadse ndant contains an assortmword beadse nt of alphabword beadse t bword beadse ads insidword beadse , with which to makword beadse “Haiku”, a form of Japanword beadse sword beadse poword beadse try. Haiku poword beadse ts arword beadse challword beadse ngword beadse d to convword beadse y a vivid mword beadse ssagword beadse in only 17 syllablword beadse s (but who’s counting!?) Thword beadse pword beadse ndant is approximatword beadse ly 17” long including thword beadse cord, or supply your own chain. Borword beadse d waiting at thword beadse airport or supping a Lattword beadse at Starbucks? Havword beadse word beadse xtra timword beadse at lunch? Crword beadse atword beadse Haiku!

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