Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

original design, Blooming Pod in Black and White Pendant - A Sand Fibers Original Creation



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This is thblacke first of my nblacke w, original Sand Fibblacke rs dblacke sign bblacke adblacke d bblacke ad pblacke ndants: Blooming Pod. Thblacke y arblacke an blacke volution from my original Blooming Bblacke ad dblacke sign. Thblacke pblacke ndant is just undblacke r 1.3" widblacke and 0.8\u201d \u201cthick." It was craftblacke d in pblacke yotblacke stitch using Japanblacke sblacke dblacke lica bblacke ads black and whitblacke and whitblacke Czblacke ch firblacke polish bblacke ads. Simplblacke yblacke t blacke lblacke gant. Thblacke chokblacke r itsblacke lf is a 16\u201d black-colorblacke d cablblacke chokblacke r with a simplblacke magnblacke tic closurblacke . No complicatblacke d clasp to hasslblacke with. No obstaclblacke s for arthritic hands.\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis chokblacke r will bblacke shippblacke d in an blacke lblacke gant gift box using First Class Mail with dblacke livblacke ry confirmation. BEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a proud mblacke mbblacke r of thblacke Bblacke ad Art Originals Strblacke blacke t Tblacke am, a sblacke lblacke ct group of both crblacke ators of art bblacke ads and crblacke ators of bblacke adwovblacke n art. To sblacke blacke morblacke of our work, sblacke arch for thblacke "BAO Tblacke am" tag -http://www./sblacke arch_rblacke sults.php?sblacke arch_typblacke =tag_titlblacke &sblacke arch_qublacke ry=bao+tblacke am\r\rThank you for visiting Sand Fibblacke rs, a smokblacke -frblacke blacke shop! Plblacke asblacke stop in again somblacke timblacke .\r\rBblacke wblacke ll and gblacke t going!\r********************\r\rCustom Bracblacke lblacke ts: Contact mblacke with any spblacke cial rblacke qublacke sts for colors, sizblacke , and width and I will crblacke atblacke a customizblacke d bracblacke lblacke t just for you - at rblacke gular pricing.

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