Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Copper circle and faux pearl Drop earrings FREE SHIPPING very unique, No Tax



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This is a pair of coordinating coppfree shippinge r circlfree shippinge free shippinge arrings and faux pfree shippinge arl Drop free shippinge arrings. Thfree shippinge y hang down about onfree shippinge inch in lfree shippinge ngth. Thfree shippinge y arfree shippinge simplfree shippinge and light but still a lot of fun. Pfree shippinge arls arfree shippinge known for thfree shippinge ir calming free shippinge fffree shippinge ct, thfree shippinge y can also balancfree shippinge onfree shippinge 's karma,strfree shippinge ngthfree shippinge n rfree shippinge lationships and kfree shippinge free shippinge p childrfree shippinge n saffree shippinge . Thfree shippinge pfree shippinge arl is also said to symbolizfree shippinge purity, gfree shippinge nfree shippinge rosity, intfree shippinge grity and loyalty of thfree shippinge wfree shippinge arfree shippinge r. FREE SHIPPING!!

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