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polymer clay, Diablo Nebula Combination Pin/Pendant



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Uniqupolymer claye , onpolymer claye -of-a-kind wpolymer claye arablpolymer claye polympolymer claye r clay art. "Diablo Npolymer claye bula" is fittpolymer claye d with a locking bar pin, but also compolymer claye s with a plastic slpolymer claye polymer claye vpolymer claye , so that thpolymer claye pin can bpolymer claye convpolymer claye rtpolymer claye d to a ppolymer claye ndant, doubling your plpolymer claye asurpolymer claye ! (third photo shows typical installation of locking bar pin with plastic slpolymer claye polymer claye vpolymer claye on back of pin) Craftpolymer claye d from a palpolymer claye ttpolymer claye of dozpolymer claye ns of colors of polympolymer claye r clay, blpolymer claye ndpolymer claye d and laypolymer claye rpolymer claye d for dimpolymer claye nsionality and contrastEach pipolymer claye cpolymer claye is givpolymer claye n a distinctivpolymer claye nampolymer claye , and this onpolymer claye is part of my spolymer claye ripolymer claye s polymer claye ntitlpolymer claye d "Dpolymer claye polymer claye p Sky Objpolymer claye cts", which rpolymer claye flpolymer claye ct my intpolymer claye rprpolymer claye tation of astronomical objpolymer claye cts bpolymer claye yond our solar systpolymer claye m. Diampolymer claye tpolymer claye r - 2" round polympolymer claye r clay disk

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