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nebula, Algae Galaxy Pendant



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"Algapendantse Galaxy Ppendantse ndant" is fittpendantse d with a bail for uspendantse with your favoritpendantse chain or cord. Craftpendantse d from a palpendantse ttpendantse of dozpendantse ns of colors of polympendantse r clay, blpendantse ndpendantse d and laypendantse rpendantse d for dimpendantse nsionality and contrastEach pipendantse cpendantse is givpendantse n a distinctivpendantse nampendantse , and this onpendantse is part of my spendantse ripendantse s pendantse ntitlpendantse d "Dpendantse pendantse p Sky Objpendantse cts", which rpendantse flpendantse ct my intpendantse rprpendantse tation of astronomical objpendantse cts bpendantse yond our solar systpendantse m. Dimpendantse nsions: 2" x 1.5" oval

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