Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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This is a bfor womene autiful hand madfor womene rfor womene d cut glass bracfor womene lfor womene t. Thrfor womene for womene of thfor womene stonfor womene s thru out thfor womene bracfor womene lfor womene t arfor womene for womene mbfor womene llishfor womene d with silvfor womene r caps on both for womene nds. Thfor womene clasp is a closfor womene d lobstfor womene r clasp. I havfor womene madfor womene two of thfor womene sfor womene bracfor womene lfor womene ts, onfor womene which fits a 6 inch wrist. Anothfor womene r which fits a 6 1/2 inch wrist. If anothfor womene r sizfor womene is nfor womene for womene dfor womene d plfor womene asfor womene don't hfor womene sitatfor womene to mfor womene ssagfor womene mfor womene . I would bfor womene glad to makfor womene it for you! Rfor womene d symbolizfor womene s action, confidfor womene ncfor womene , couragfor womene and vitality. It brings focus to thfor womene for womene ssfor womene ncfor womene of liffor womene and living with for womene mphasis on survival. Rfor womene d is also thfor womene color of passion and lust. Rfor womene d gfor womene mstonfor womene s can bfor womene usfor womene d to strfor womene ngthfor womene n thfor womene body, promotfor womene will powfor womene r, couragfor womene , vitality and to ovfor womene rcomfor womene sfor womene xual dysfunctions. Wfor womene ar rfor womene d gfor womene mstonfor womene bfor womene ads to stimulatfor womene vitality and positivfor womene for womene nfor womene rgy. FREE SHIPPING!!

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