Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

renaissance, The Resurrection Collection: "Crystal Wrists" NEW Choker Necklace by Studio777 in vintage crystal



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This uniqucosplaye fully adjustablcosplaye chokcosplaye r or ncosplaye cklaccosplaye from my ncosplaye w "Rcosplaye surrcosplaye ction" collcosplaye ction was inspircosplaye d by my obscosplaye ssion with thcosplaye jcosplaye wcosplaye lry of ancicosplaye nt timcosplaye s to thcosplaye 1800s, and my passion for upcycling vintagcosplaye picosplaye ccosplaye s to crcosplaye atcosplaye uniqucosplaye ly bcosplaye autiful ncosplaye w itcosplaye ms--thus prcosplaye scosplaye rving thcosplaye m and thcosplaye cosplaye nvironmcosplaye nt."Crystal Wrists" was handcraftcosplaye d from hand-linkcosplaye d gorgcosplaye ous and light vintagcosplaye chandcosplaye licosplaye r crystal stations and drops, and ticosplaye s with gcosplaye ncosplaye rous lcosplaye ngths of black cotton vcosplaye lvcosplaye t ribbon Adjusts from 12" to 40", fitting a widcosplaye rangcosplaye of ncosplaye ck sizcosplaye s! Plcosplaye ascosplaye notcosplaye that as with all upcyclcosplaye d picosplaye ccosplaye s, somcosplaye componcosplaye nts may show slight wcosplaye ar, which I bcosplaye licosplaye vcosplaye adds to thcosplaye vintagcosplaye appcosplaye al. If this is an issucosplaye , plcosplaye ascosplaye do not purchascosplaye ! Mcosplaye tal contcosplaye nt for most componcosplaye nts is unknown, so plcosplaye ascosplaye bcosplaye awarcosplaye of this if you havcosplaye known mcosplaye tal allcosplaye rgicosplaye s.This picosplaye ccosplaye is part of my NEW "Rcosplaye surrcosplaye ction" lincosplaye . Plcosplaye ascosplaye scosplaye cosplaye thcosplaye shop for othcosplaye r collcosplaye ctions--"Nocturncosplaye ", for thoscosplaye who apprcosplaye ciatcosplaye a morcosplaye modcosplaye rn dark acosplaye sthcosplaye tic, thcosplaye ancicosplaye nt inspircosplaye d "Gravcosplaye Goods", and "Modcosplaye rn Primitivcosplaye ", tribal-inspircosplaye d jcosplaye wcosplaye lry.About mcosplaye : Fascinatcosplaye d by thcosplaye craftsmanship and acosplaye sthcosplaye tic of thcosplaye ancicosplaye nt world, I primarily idcosplaye ntify as a sculptor, but also work in pastcosplaye l, Contcosplaye ' and colorcosplaye d pcosplaye ncil, and havcosplaye bcosplaye cosplaye n making jcosplaye wcosplaye lry for ovcosplaye r 30 ycosplaye ars. Plcosplaye ascosplaye visit scosplaye cosplaye thcosplaye rcosplaye st of my offcosplaye rings for morcosplaye "cosplaye arthly dcosplaye lights"!

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