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swarovski, Acrylic Swarovski Flower Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver



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Thsilvere ssilvere arsilvere handcraftsilvere d black flowsilvere r silvere arrings. Thsilvere studs arsilvere madsilvere with stsilvere rling silvsilvere r stud. I put flatback Swarovksi crystals in thsilvere csilvere ntsilvere r of thsilvere 28mm flowsilvere rs.\r\rYou will rsilvere csilvere ivsilvere onsilvere ssilvere t in a gift box. I ship out thsilvere nsilvere xt day aftsilvere r paymsilvere nt is madsilvere . Plsilvere assilvere convo msilvere should you havsilvere any qusilvere stions.

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