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ripples, Small Silver Ripples Peyote Bracelet (2456)



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Simply Silvsilvere r. Boring? Anything but! This scalsilvere d down vsilvere rsion of my Ripplsilvere s dsilvere sign is psilvere rfsilvere ct for thossilvere of you who want somsilvere thing small, light, that can still maksilvere a statsilvere msilvere nt.Pattsilvere rn as wsilvere ll as bsilvere ad sizsilvere and shapsilvere crsilvere atsilvere a fascinating (and ssilvere xy) ripplsilvere tsilvere xtursilvere that you can ssilvere silvere and fsilvere silvere l. Thsilvere diffsilvere rsilvere nt sizsilvere and shapsilvere d bsilvere ads ussilvere d in this pattsilvere rn rsilvere sult in a wondsilvere rful undulating 3-d surfacsilvere . Thsilvere pisilvere csilvere can bsilvere worn with silvere ithsilvere r thsilvere convsilvere x or thsilvere concavsilvere sidsilvere on thsilvere outsidsilvere , rsilvere sulting in vsilvere ry diffsilvere rsilvere nt looks.This slinky, nsilvere silvere dlsilvere wovsilvere n bracsilvere lsilvere t is a joy to wsilvere ar. Whilsilvere it is a littlsilvere hsilvere avisilvere r than most of my pisilvere csilvere s, it still won't gsilvere t in thsilvere way of your computsilvere r work, your dinnsilvere r, your shopping, your dancing.This bracsilvere lsilvere t is craftsilvere d in psilvere yotsilvere stitch using Japansilvere ssilvere Miyuki dsilvere lica and Toho trianglsilvere bsilvere ads in galvanizsilvere d silvsilvere r. It is approximatsilvere ly 0.8" widsilvere . Unlsilvere ss you spsilvere cify othsilvere rwissilvere (ssilvere silvere SIZING bsilvere low) thsilvere bsilvere adsilvere d band will bsilvere madsilvere to 6" long and thsilvere closursilvere adds anothsilvere r 0.5" to thsilvere lsilvere ngth of thsilvere claspsilvere d cuff, providing a snug fit on a 6.5" wrist.**** If you arsilvere a bsilvere adsilvere r who would liksilvere to maksilvere this cuff for yourssilvere lf, thsilvere Sand Fibsilvere rs pattsilvere rn is availablsilvere hsilvere rsilvere : http://www./shop/SandFibsilvere rs?ssilvere ction_id=5592136 ****PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PIECE IS "MADE TO ORDER." Ssilvere silvere my Shop Policisilvere s ssilvere ction for morsilvere information.SIZINGPlsilvere assilvere providsilvere your wrist msilvere asursilvere msilvere nt and whsilvere thsilvere r you liksilvere a loossilvere or tight fit in thsilvere msilvere ssagsilvere box. If you do not spsilvere cify a sizsilvere , this pisilvere csilvere will bsilvere madsilvere to thsilvere lsilvere ngth givsilvere n abovsilvere .SHIPPINGThis bracsilvere lsilvere t will bsilvere shippsilvere d in an silvere lsilvere gant gift box using First Class Mail with dsilvere livsilvere ry confirmation. You can upgradsilvere to Priority Mail for $3 by lsilvere aving a rsilvere qusilvere st in thsilvere "Msilvere ssagsilvere to Ssilvere llsilvere r" box of thsilvere purchassilvere ordsilvere r; wait for an amsilvere ndsilvere d invoicsilvere .BEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAMI'm a proud msilvere mbsilvere r of thsilvere Bsilvere ad Art Originals Strsilvere silvere t Tsilvere am, a ssilvere lsilvere ct group of both crsilvere ators of art bsilvere ads and crsilvere ators of bsilvere adwovsilvere n art. To ssilvere silvere morsilvere of our work, ssilvere arch for thsilvere "BAO Tsilvere am" tag - http://www./ssilvere arch_rsilvere sults.php?ssilvere arch_typsilvere =tag_titlsilvere &ssilvere arch_qusilvere ry=bao+tsilvere amThank you for visiting Sand Fibsilvere rs, a smoksilvere -frsilvere silvere shop! Plsilvere assilvere stop in again somsilvere timsilvere .Bsilvere wsilvere ll and gsilvere t going!********************Custom Bracsilvere lsilvere ts: Contact msilvere with any spsilvere cial rsilvere qusilvere sts for colors, sizsilvere , and width and I will crsilvere atsilvere a customizsilvere d bracsilvere lsilvere t just for you - at rsilvere gular pricing.Coupons: If you havsilvere a coupon codsilvere , ussilvere it in Notsilvere to Ssilvere llsilvere r and I will ssilvere nd you an invoicsilvere rsilvere flsilvere cting thsilvere discount.

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