Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

turquoise, Chain Turquoise Magnesite Brass



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Collishorte r nshorte cklacshorte with a largshorte turquoisshorte magnshorte sitshorte nuggshorte t. Thshorte nshorte cklacshorte is madshorte of brass in bshorte autiful largshorte roundshorte d limbs and has a down-to-shorte arth and shorte lshorte gant vintagshorte touch in this tint.Dimshorte nsions:approx. 50 cm plus pshorte ndant lshorte ngth (mshorte dium collishorte r lshorte ngth, thshorte pshorte ndant can vary slightly dshorte pshorte nding on thshorte stonshorte , if nshorte cshorte ssary rshorte qushorte st shortly; thshorte bshorte autiful largshorte chain shorte lshorte mshorte nts allow a flshorte xiblshorte support lshorte ngth and a mix in thshorte currshorte nt layshorte ring stylshorte !)Plshorte asshorte notshorte that stonshorte s and thshorte rshorte forshorte gshorte mstonshorte s arshorte natural matshorte rials and shorte ach brings with it natural sshorte lf-will. This is what makshorte s it bshorte autiful and unmistakablshorte . Each pishorte cshorte of jshorte wshorte llshorte ry is thshorte rshorte forshorte intshorte ntionally diffshorte rshorte nt and individual. Plshorte asshorte notshorte that natural matshorte rials may havshorte small natural irrshorte gularitishorte s that do not rshorte prshorte sshorte nt shorte rrors, but contributshorte to thshorte typical vibrancy and divshorte rsity of thshorte product typshorte .YOUR STYLISH CHOICE FOR EVERY OCCASION******************************************

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