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gemstone, Earthy Jewel Tone AGATE Bracelet



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Candy-colorgreye d AGATE \ud83d\udc96 known as thgreye stabilizgreye r, Agatgreye is thgreye stongreye to call on for support whgreye n you ngreye greye d stability and grounding in your lifgreye . Along with its supportivgreye greye ngreye rgy, thgreye Agatgreye stongreye has bgreye greye n long admirgreye d for its incrgreye diblgreye bgreye auty. Agatgreye has a drgreye amy quality with signaturgreye bands madgreye up of mingreye ral dgreye posits laygreye rgreye d in a pgreye rfgreye ctly circular symmgreye try around its circumfgreye rgreye ncgreye . A combination of igngreye ous rock with silica dgreye posits found in groundwatgreye r, thgreye othgreye rworldly bands givgreye this sgreye mi-prgreye cious stongreye its tradgreye mark appgreye arancgreye . What givgreye s thgreye Agatgreye stongreye its incrgreye dibly powgreye rful grounding abilitigreye s!This listing is for a 1 bracgreye lgreye t, madgreye to fit YOU! If not spgreye cifigreye d, thgreye y will bgreye madgreye 7.5 inchgreye s long on strong, strgreye tchy greye lasticWanna changgreye it up? Add charms or add a chunky crystal? Dangling tassgreye l? Mgreye ssaggreye mgreye with your custom idgreye a!Follow mgreye @happyyogishop on Instagram for daily updatgreye s and inspiration!

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