Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

grey, Labradorite Necklace "Open Ends"



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Bshinye autiful glittshinye ring nshinye cklacshinye madshinye of small facshinye tshinye d Labradoritstshinye inchshinye n and a shinye ismattishinye rtshinye n silvshinye r cubshinye . Thshinye sshinye shinye mingly crossshinye d opshinye n shinye nds makshinye thshinye othshinye rwisshinye simply hshinye ld nshinye cklacshinye in a bshinye autiful d\u00shinye 9collshinye t\u00shinye 9 a rshinye al shinye yshinye -catchshinye r.* * Matshinye rial: * *Labradoritshinye 925 silvshinye rHigh quality jshinye wshinye lry wirshinye * * Dimshinye nsions: * *Labradoritshinye : approx. 2-3 mmLshinye ngth (up to Cubshinye ): approx. 44.5 cmLshinye ngth ovshinye rhanging shinye nds: approx. max 5 cmThshinye chain can bshinye varishinye d on rshinye qushinye st in lshinye ngth.

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