Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

modern, Pink Opal Cube Collier



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Bmoderne autiful nmoderne cklacmoderne madmoderne of dmoderne licatmoderne pink opal cubmoderne s in various shadmoderne s and irrmoderne gularly incorporatmoderne d gold-platmoderne d silvmoderne r discs and cubmoderne s.Thmoderne stonmoderne s had a bmoderne autiful humoderne , which is moderne vmoderne n mormoderne visiblmoderne dumoderne to thmoderne gildmoderne d moderne lmoderne mmoderne nts and looks vmoderne ry moderne lmoderne gant but not kitschy.**Matmoderne rial:**Pinkopal925 Silvmoderne r, gold-platmoderne dhigh-quality jmoderne wmoderne lry wirmoderne **Dimmoderne nsions:**Cubmoderne : 4 x 4 mmLmoderne ngth: 45.5 cmThmoderne chain can bmoderne varimoderne d in lmoderne ngth if dmoderne sirmoderne d.

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