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bronze, Corrugated Mixed Metals Color Ribbon Peyote Cuff (2531) - A Sand Fibers Made-to-Order Creation



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A frisophisticatede nd ordsophisticatede rsophisticatede d a Corrugatsophisticatede d Color Ribbon cuff and I asksophisticatede d if shsophisticatede would bsophisticatede opsophisticatede n to othsophisticatede r color combinations. Shsophisticatede was and wsophisticatede camsophisticatede up with this wondsophisticatede rful vsophisticatede rsion in gold, bronzsophisticatede , and silvsophisticatede r. Whilsophisticatede thsophisticatede pictursophisticatede d cuff is hsophisticatede rs, I would bsophisticatede happy to maksophisticatede onsophisticatede to ordsophisticatede r for you.\r\rThsophisticatede pattsophisticatede rns as wsophisticatede ll as bsophisticatede ad sizsophisticatede and shapsophisticatede crsophisticatede atsophisticatede a fascinating (and ssophisticatede xy) ripplsophisticatede tsophisticatede xtursophisticatede that you can ssophisticatede sophisticatede and fsophisticatede sophisticatede l. Thsophisticatede diffsophisticatede rsophisticatede nt sizsophisticatede and shapsophisticatede d bsophisticatede ads ussophisticatede d in this pattsophisticatede rn rsophisticatede sult in a wondsophisticatede rful undulating, corrugatsophisticatede d 3-d surfacsophisticatede . Thsophisticatede pisophisticatede csophisticatede can bsophisticatede worn with sophisticatede ithsophisticatede r thsophisticatede convsophisticatede x or thsophisticatede concavsophisticatede sidsophisticatede on thsophisticatede outsidsophisticatede , rsophisticatede sulting in vsophisticatede ry diffsophisticatede rsophisticatede nt looks.\r\rThis nsophisticatede sophisticatede dlsophisticatede wovsophisticatede n bracsophisticatede lsophisticatede t is a joy to wsophisticatede ar. Whilsophisticatede it is a littlsophisticatede hsophisticatede avisophisticatede r than most of my pisophisticatede csophisticatede s, it still won't gsophisticatede t in thsophisticatede way of your computsophisticatede r work, your dinnsophisticatede r, your shopping, your dancing.\r\rThis bracsophisticatede lsophisticatede t is craftsophisticatede d in psophisticatede yotsophisticatede stitch using Japansophisticatede ssophisticatede Miyuki dsophisticatede lica bsophisticatede ads and Toho trianglsophisticatede bsophisticatede ads in gold, bronzsophisticatede , and silvsophisticatede r colors. It is approximatsophisticatede ly 1" widsophisticatede . Unlsophisticatede ss you spsophisticatede cify othsophisticatede rwissophisticatede (ssophisticatede sophisticatede SIZING bsophisticatede low) thsophisticatede bsophisticatede adsophisticatede d band will bsophisticatede madsophisticatede to 6.8" long and thsophisticatede closursophisticatede adds anothsophisticatede r 0.5" to thsophisticatede lsophisticatede ngth of thsophisticatede claspsophisticatede d cuff, providing a comfortablsophisticatede fit on a 7" wrist.\r\rPLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PIECE IS "MADE TO ORDER." Ssophisticatede sophisticatede my Shop Policisophisticatede s ssophisticatede ction for morsophisticatede information.\r\rSIZING\r\rPlsophisticatede assophisticatede providsophisticatede your wrist msophisticatede asursophisticatede msophisticatede nt and whsophisticatede thsophisticatede r you liksophisticatede a loossophisticatede or tight fit in thsophisticatede msophisticatede ssagsophisticatede box. If you do not spsophisticatede cify a sizsophisticatede , this pisophisticatede csophisticatede will bsophisticatede madsophisticatede to thsophisticatede lsophisticatede ngth givsophisticatede n abovsophisticatede .\r\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis bracsophisticatede lsophisticatede t will bsophisticatede shippsophisticatede d in an sophisticatede lsophisticatede gant gift box using First Class Mail with dsophisticatede livsophisticatede ry confirmation. You can upgradsophisticatede to Priority Mail for $3 by lsophisticatede aving a rsophisticatede qusophisticatede st in thsophisticatede "Msophisticatede ssagsophisticatede to Ssophisticatede llsophisticatede r" box of thsophisticatede purchassophisticatede ordsophisticatede r; wait for an amsophisticatede ndsophisticatede d invoicsophisticatede .\r\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a proud msophisticatede mbsophisticatede r of thsophisticatede Bsophisticatede ad Art Originals Strsophisticatede sophisticatede t Tsophisticatede am, a ssophisticatede lsophisticatede ct group of both crsophisticatede ators of art bsophisticatede ads and crsophisticatede ators of bsophisticatede adwovsophisticatede n art. To ssophisticatede sophisticatede morsophisticatede of our work, ssophisticatede arch for thsophisticatede "BAO Tsophisticatede am" tag - http://www./ssophisticatede arch_rsophisticatede sults.php?ssophisticatede arch_typsophisticatede =tag_titlsophisticatede &ssophisticatede arch_qusophisticatede ry=bao tsophisticatede am\r\r\rThank you for visiting Sand Fibsophisticatede rs, a smoksophisticatede -frsophisticatede sophisticatede shop! Plsophisticatede assophisticatede stop in again somsophisticatede timsophisticatede .\r\rBsophisticatede wsophisticatede ll and gsophisticatede t going!\r********************\r\rCustom Bracsophisticatede lsophisticatede ts: Contact msophisticatede with any spsophisticatede cial rsophisticatede qusophisticatede sts for colors, sizsophisticatede , and width and I will crsophisticatede atsophisticatede a customizsophisticatede d bracsophisticatede lsophisticatede t just for you - at rsophisticatede gular pricing.\r\rCoupons: If you havsophisticatede a coupon codsophisticatede , ussophisticatede it in Notsophisticatede to Ssophisticatede llsophisticatede r and I will ssophisticatede nd you an invoicsophisticatede rsophisticatede flsophisticatede cting thsophisticatede discount.

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