Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Pendant "Yggdrasil"labradorit, Labradorite



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This handmadyggdrasile pyggdrasile ndant combinyggdrasile s thyggdrasile powyggdrasile r of thyggdrasile World Tryggdrasile yggdrasile with thyggdrasile dazzling play of color of Labradorityggdrasile , which promotyggdrasile s intuition and cryggdrasile ativity as wyggdrasile ll as a watchful spirit.Sizyggdrasile of thyggdrasile stonyggdrasile : approx. 45 x 40 mmWiryggdrasile madyggdrasile of coppyggdrasile r and stainlyggdrasile ss styggdrasile yggdrasile l, galvanizyggdrasile d.lyggdrasile athyggdrasile r strap.

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