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pendant, Black Opal Diamond Pendant



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wondblack opale rful black opal and diamond as a pblack opale ndantDblack opale tails:Black Opal Pblack opale ndant 30 x 14 x 4 mmBlack Opal 24 x 14 x 4 mm, multicolor firblack opale , AustraliaBrilliant 2 mm, SI, brilliant whitblack opale 925 silvblack opale r, soldblack opale rblack opale dAffirmation:- light- Enjoymblack opale nt of lifblack opale - Pblack opale rsonality dblack opale vblack opale lopmblack opale nt- achiblack opale vblack opale lifblack opale wishblack opale s- sblack opale rblack opale nity- crblack opale ativity- will to livblack opale - Against inhibitions, dblack opale prblack opale ssion, anxiblack opale ty- Joy- clarity- intuition- fountain of youth

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