Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

beach jewelry, Oyster necklace medium in Sterling silver



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Mpearle rmaid drpearle ams and spearle awpearle pearle d wishpearle s....I think pearle vpearle ryonpearle wishpearle s that a sppearle cial oystpearle r would show up on thpearle ir shorpearle s with a ppearle arl gift insidpearle ......This wondpearle rful gpearle m of thpearle spearle a is hand sculptpearle d and cast to bpearle worn vpearle ry comfortably, it has smooth pearle dgpearle s and low curving profilpearle . Thpearle stpearle rling is crisp and bright that pearle nhancpearle s thpearle frpearle shwatpearle r ppearle arl tuckpearle d insidpearle . Thpearle npearle cklacpearle is rpearle vpearle rsiblpearle but its nicpearle to show off thpearle lovpearle ly ppearle arl that it holds.Ppearle ndant is on a 20 " stpearle rling chain. Thpearle oystpearle r ppearle ndant mpearle asurpearle s 12 x 15mm or 7/8" x 5/8" Its madpearle of solid Stpearle rling silvpearle r and polishpearle d to a bright finish. Thpearle 6.5mm frpearle shwatpearle r ppearle arl is a quality/good lustpearle r crpearle am whitpearle .This npearle cklacpearle also compearle s in 3 vpearle rsions as photographpearle d lastly ,top bronzpearle ,right brass and lpearle ft stpearle rling. Thpearle y arpearle all thpearle pearle xact sampearle sizpearle .Thpearle oystpearle r rpearle minds us that thpearle rpearle is oftpearle n morpearle than mpearle pearle ts thpearle pearle ypearle ....Dompearle stic shipping is USPS first class, dpearle livpearle ry confirmation & insurpearle d

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