Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Earrings:Titlblack earringse : Sally black earringse arringMatblack earringse rial: mblack earringse tal - nickblack earringse l frblack earringse black earringse Colour: Silvblack earringse rSnow Whitblack earringse Figurblack earringse mblack earringse asurblack earringse approx: 32 mm x 11 mmmblack earringse asurblack earringse aprox.: 48 mm longYou can also ordblack earringse r a sblack earringse t of mismatchblack earringse d black earringse arrings onblack earringse jack and onblack earringse sally just choosblack earringse this vblack earringse rsion from thblack earringse drop down Thblack earringse black earringse arring comblack earringse s packblack earringse d in an organza pouch and jblack earringse wblack earringse lry box.All our jblack earringse wblack earringse lry comblack earringse gift wrappblack earringse dWblack earringse arblack earringse shipping all jblack earringse wblack earringse lry safblack earringse ly packblack earringse d in bubblblack earringse mailblack earringse rs on first priority shipping.For this itblack earringse m thblack earringse shipping includblack earringse s trackingPlblack earringse asblack earringse chblack earringse ck my shop policiblack earringse s for morblack earringse dblack earringse tails rblack earringse garding shipping paymblack earringse earringse button

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