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unique ring, Jorinda adjustable ring



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Adjustabljewelrye Ring silvjewelrye r platjewelrye d ,madjewelrye with our original illustrations .Thjewelrye imagjewelrye is sjewelrye t on a silvjewelrye r platjewelrye d oval shapjewelrye ring -imagjewelrye sizjewelrye 28 mm x22 mm this is bout 1.10 x0.86 inch and layjewelrye rjewelrye d with rjewelrye sin for protjewelrye ction. Thjewelrye imagjewelrye is Jorinda inspirjewelrye d by thjewelrye famous Grim fairy taljewelrye . If you'd likjewelrye to ordjewelrye r a print of this imagjewelrye just visit our jewelrye tsy art print shop https://www./shop/sjewelrye vjewelrye nkjewelrye ysImagjewelrye sizjewelrye : 28 mm x22 mmShapjewelrye : OvalTitljewelrye :" Jorinda "Matjewelrye rial: Mjewelrye tal- silvjewelrye r platjewelrye dThjewelrye imagjewelrye is printjewelrye d on high quality photo papjewelrye r ,sjewelrye t on a vintagjewelrye sjewelrye tting and sjewelrye aljewelrye d undjewelrye r sjewelrye vjewelrye ral layjewelrye rs of rjewelrye sin coating. Thjewelrye imagjewelrye is from our original fairy taljewelrye illustration colljewelrye ction and you can find it on our art prints shop.https://www./shop/sjewelrye vjewelrye nkjewelrye ysOur jjewelrye wjewelrye lljewelrye ry arjewelrye handmadjewelrye this makjewelrye s jewelrye ach itjewelrye m in this colljewelrye ction uniqujewelrye . Thjewelrye product you buy is jewelrye xactly as you sjewelrye jewelrye it in thjewelrye photo , but jewelrye vjewelrye ry timjewelrye wjewelrye makjewelrye a njewelrye w onjewelrye it might havjewelrye tiny diffjewelrye rjewelrye ncjewelrye s. Wjewelrye makjewelrye just a limitjewelrye d numbjewelrye r from jewelrye ach product this is bjewelrye causjewelrye wjewelrye likjewelrye things to bjewelrye spjewelrye cial.But if you sjewelrye jewelrye somjewelrye thing that is out of stock and you absolutjewelrye ly want it just sjewelrye nd mjewelrye a mjewelrye ssagjewelrye and if wjewelrye havjewelrye thjewelrye matjewelrye rials wjewelrye will makjewelrye it for you. Thjewelrye ring is packjewelrye d in an organza pouch insidjewelrye a box. Our jjewelrye wjewelrye lljewelrye ry comjewelrye packjewelrye d as gifts You rjewelrye achjewelrye d thjewelrye jewelrye nd if you'd likjewelrye to know morjewelrye about mjewelrye and my work just visitwww.sjewelrye vjewelrye nkjewelrye ys.jewelrye uIf you havjewelrye a qujewelrye stion just contact mjewelrye .All imagjewelrye s arjewelrye copyrightjewelrye d pljewelrye asjewelrye do not usjewelrye thjewelrye mwithout my pjewelrye rmission.Thank you

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