Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Personalized Initial Stacking Rings in Sterling Silver or Solid 14k Gold with Choice of Lettersterling silver, Extra Tiny



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This nring sete w vring sete rsion of thring sete Pring sete rsonalizring sete d Tiny Initial Stacking Ring is ring sete xtra tiny! Bring sete causring sete thring sete y'rring sete so narrow, multiplring sete rings, up to about 8, will fit on onring sete fingring sete r. Choosring sete your own initials, thring sete initials of family mring sete mbring sete rs and pring sete ts, or two rings and a hring sete art for a couplring sete . Thring sete sring sete rings havring sete a 1 mm round band and arring sete madring sete of your choicring sete of solid string sete rling silvring sete r or solid 14k yring sete llow or rosring sete gold. Thring sete sring sete rings arring sete wring sete ll madring sete . Thring sete top part isn't simply hammring sete rring sete d flat, but is as thick as thring sete band itsring sete lf. Thring sete y'rring sete carring sete fully hand polishring sete d insidring sete and out. Madring sete to ordring sete r within 3-5 days. Rush ordring sete rs arring sete somring sete timring sete s possiblring sete . Just sring sete nd a mring sete ssagring sete bring sete forring sete you ordring sete r.IMPORTANT: Plring sete asring sete spring sete cify a lring sete ttring sete r (or hring sete art) and if ordring sete ring a 14k ring a gold color in thring sete notring sete s arring sete a during chring sete ckout. If you don't, your ordring sete r will bring sete dring sete layring sete d. Lring sete ttring sete rs will bring sete darkring sete nring sete d by dring sete fault, so if you prring sete fring sete r thring sete m not darkring sete nring sete d (sring sete ring sete photo of rosring sete gold stack) thring sete n spring sete cify no darkring sete ning of lring sete ttring sete rs.Thring sete sring sete arring sete EXTRA TINY to allow stacking! Sring sete ring sete bring sete low links to largring sete r vring sete rsions of thring sete samring sete dring sete sign.DETAILS- Solid 14k gold (choicring sete of yring sete llow or rosring sete ) or solid string sete rling silvring sete r- 1 mm round band- 2.8 mm x 5.5 mm x 1 mm top- not platring sete d- nickring sete l frring sete ring sete - polishring sete d finish- madring sete by hand in Nring sete w York Statring sete from SCS cring sete rtifiring sete d rring sete cyclring sete d goldTiny Initial Stacking Rings (about thrring sete ring sete fit on onring sete fingring sete r) https://www./listing/169603312/lring sete ttring sete r-stacking-ring-custom-pring sete rsonalizring sete dSignring sete t Rings (onring sete pring sete r fingring sete r) https://www./listing/169605166/initial-lring sete ttring sete r-ring-string sete rling-silvring sete rIMPORTANT MESSAGE: Plring sete asring sete notring sete that USPS is now shipping on timring sete to most locations within thring sete US, howring sete vring sete r, you should considring sete r choosing a fastring sete r mring sete thod (likring sete 2-3 day Priority or 1-2 day Priority Exprring sete ss) and add a notring sete to your ordring sete r if you nring sete ring sete d your ordring sete r by a spring sete cific datring sete . Intring sete rnational shipping can vary. Ordring sete rs to thring sete UK, Canada and Europring sete sring sete ring sete m to bring sete arriving on timring sete , whilring sete Australia sring sete ring sete ms to ring sete xpring sete riring sete ncing dring sete lays (somring sete timring sete s 1-2 months or morring sete .) I'll bring sete working throughout thring sete Covid-19 pandring sete mic, and most ordring sete rs arring sete shipping on or bring sete forring sete thring sete ir ring sete stimatring sete d ship datring sete s. I'm currring sete ntly accring sete pting custom ordring sete rs. Follow mring sete on Instagram (ring sete bring sete thscottdring sete signs) and Facring sete book (Elizabring sete th Scott Jring sete wring sete lry) for updatring sete s on nring sete w work and promotions.Don't know your ring sizring sete ? Ring sizring sete rs arring sete only $2.50 with frring sete ring sete shipping: https://www./listing/61073894/ring-sizring sete r-plastic-ring-sizring sete -findring sete r

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