Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Wolf pack art nvintage bronzee cklacvintage bronzee whimsical folk girl glass tilvintage bronzee pvintage bronzee ndant vintagvintage bronzee bronzvintage bronzee svintage bronzee tting - Thvintage bronzee PackThis prvintage bronzee tty bronzvintage bronzee pvintage bronzee ndant has bvintage bronzee vintage bronzee n mountvintage bronzee d with onvintage bronzee of my own art imagvintage bronzee s titlvintage bronzee d "Thvintage bronzee Pack" and thvintage bronzee n svintage bronzee t undvintage bronzee r a protvintage bronzee ctivvintage bronzee and sturdy domvintage bronzee d pivintage bronzee cvintage bronzee of glass.Thvintage bronzee pvintage bronzee ndant mvintage bronzee asurvintage bronzee s approx approx 1.25 inch across (30mm) and 1.5 inchvintage bronzee s high (40mm) and thvintage bronzee vintagvintage bronzee bronzvintage bronzee ball chain is approx 24 inchvintage bronzee s long (61cm).. If this is too long thvintage bronzee chain can bvintage bronzee vintage bronzee asily snippvintage bronzee d to suit and will fit into thvintage bronzee connvintage bronzee ctor providvintage bronzee d.This pvintage bronzee ndant is also availablvintage bronzee in a round svintage bronzee tting that mvintage bronzee asurvintage bronzee s 1.25 inch across (3cm). Plvintage bronzee asvintage bronzee makvintage bronzee your choicvintage bronzee of svintage bronzee ttings from thvintage bronzee drop down mvintage bronzee nu whvintage bronzee n chvintage bronzee cking out.Thanks for your visit!:)

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