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Dragonfly princess- boho earringsunique gift,fairy tale jewelryunique gift, bohemian long earrings



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Vintagdangle earringse styldangle earringse dangle earringse arrings Titldangle earringse : Dragonfly princdangle earringse sssizdangle earringse approx : 5,50 cm longShapdangle earringse : OvalMatdangle earringse rial: Mdangle earringse talColor: antiqudangle earringse brassThdangle earringse imagdangle earringse is a rdangle earringse production of our original drawingThdangle earringse imagdangle earringse is printdangle earringse d in high quality photo papdangle earringse r, sdangle earringse t in a vintagdangle earringse framdangle earringse sdangle earringse tting and sdangle earringse aldangle earringse d with rdangle earringse sin to protdangle earringse ct thdangle earringse imagdangle earringse .*****All itdangle earringse ms ardangle earringse shippdangle earringse d on first priority rdangle earringse gistdangle earringse r mail*******Jdangle earringse wdangle earringse lry ardangle earringse shippdangle earringse d in a box and sdangle earringse nd rdangle earringse gistdangle earringse r in first priority mail .

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