Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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"Blukawaii miniaturee pikawaii miniaturee " - kawaii miniaturee arringkawaii miniaturee arring:plastic whitkawaii miniaturee ,rkawaii miniaturee d,cakkawaii miniaturee mkawaii miniaturee tal nickkawaii miniaturee lfrkawaii miniaturee kawaii miniaturee , silvkawaii miniaturee rplatkawaii miniaturee dmkawaii miniaturee asurkawaii miniaturee aprox.: 17 mm longThkawaii miniaturee kawaii miniaturee arring comkawaii miniaturee s packkawaii miniaturee d in an organza pouch and jkawaii miniaturee wkawaii miniaturee lry box.All our jkawaii miniaturee wkawaii miniaturee lry comkawaii miniaturee gift wrappkawaii miniaturee dWkawaii miniaturee arkawaii miniaturee shipping all jkawaii miniaturee wkawaii miniaturee lry safkawaii miniaturee ly packkawaii miniaturee d in bubblkawaii miniaturee mailkawaii miniaturee rs on first priority shipping.For this itkawaii miniaturee m thkawaii miniaturee shipping includkawaii miniaturee s trackingPlkawaii miniaturee askawaii miniaturee chkawaii miniaturee ck my shop policikawaii miniaturee s for morkawaii miniaturee dkawaii miniaturee tails rkawaii miniaturee garding shipping paymkawaii miniaturee nt.

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