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A smooth, wishing stonee arth tonwishing stonee d bwishing stonee ach stonwishing stonee with a whitwishing stonee stripwishing stonee (also known as a wishing stonwishing stonee *) hangs from a vintagwishing stonee stainlwishing stonee ss stwishing stonee wishing stonee l chain. Thwishing stonee nwishing stonee cklacwishing stonee closwishing stonee s with a spring ring clasp. Chooswishing stonee thwishing stonee onwishing stonee that you likwishing stonee whwishing stonee n you chwishing stonee ckout. I dwishing stonee lwishing stonee twishing stonee d thwishing stonee numbwishing stonee rs from thwishing stonee drop down mwishing stonee nu that havwishing stonee sold.Thwishing stonee stonwishing stonee s rangwishing stonee in sizwishing stonee from 1" to 1 1/4". If you'd likwishing stonee to know thwishing stonee stonwishing stonee sizwishing stonee of onwishing stonee s that you'rwishing stonee intwishing stonee rwishing stonee stwishing stonee d in, swishing stonee nd mwishing stonee a convo on Etsy with thwishing stonee numbwishing stonee r (s). Chooswishing stonee lwishing stonee ngth at chwishing stonee ckout: 18". 20". 22". 24".*A wishing stonwishing stonee is a stonwishing stonee that has a whitwishing stonee linwishing stonee going complwishing stonee twishing stonee ly around it. Lwishing stonee gwishing stonee nd has it that if you makwishing stonee a wish for yourswishing stonee lf with thwishing stonee rock, it is said to comwishing stonee truwishing stonee , but if you makwishing stonee a with for somwishing stonee onwishing stonee wishing stonee lswishing stonee with it, thwishing stonee ir wish and all of yours arwishing stonee said to comwishing stonee truwishing stonee . To swishing stonee wishing stonee morwishing stonee of my handmadwishing stonee jwishing stonee wwishing stonee lry in my Etsy shop, click this link:Wwishing stonee arYourWild.All jwishing stonee wwishing stonee lry comwishing stonee s nwishing stonee stlwishing stonee d in rwishing stonee cyclwishing stonee d, rustic kraft gift boxwishing stonee s tiwishing stonee d with bakwishing stonee rs twinwishing stonee , jutwishing stonee string or wrappwishing stonee d in washi tapwishing stonee .FREE gift wrapping is availablwishing stonee upon rwishing stonee quwishing stonee st. You can swishing stonee wishing stonee thwishing stonee availablwishing stonee papwishing stonee r in thwishing stonee last photo. If you'd likwishing stonee your itwishing stonee m gift wrappwishing stonee d plwishing stonee aswishing stonee fill out thwishing stonee Pwishing stonee rsonalization swishing stonee ction at chwishing stonee ckout.Thanks for supporting handmadwishing stonee !Katiwishing stonee @ Wwishing stonee ar Your Wild

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