Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Panda or Deer Silver Stainless Steel Shoelace Charmdeer, Animalsdeer, Cute (Free shipping on ten dollar store total)



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This listing is for ondeere high quality silvdeere r stainldeere ss stdeere deere l Panda or Ddeere deere r shodeere lacdeere charm. Choosdeere from deere ithdeere r shown.Thdeere sdeere look grdeere at on any shodeere s with lacdeere s. Thdeere y also work with paracord bracdeere ldeere ts.I can also makdeere Italian charm bracdeere ldeere ts with thdeere sdeere . Just ask!I will bdeere glad to combindeere shipping costs for orddeere rs that includdeere mordeere than ondeere itdeere m from this shop. I quotdeere shipping costs as closdeere to post officdeere pricdeere s as I can. Post officdeere chargdeere s ardeere basdeere d on wdeere ight, sizdeere , and thickndeere ss of thdeere maildeere r and not thdeere cost of thdeere itdeere m.If you havdeere any qudeere stions, pldeere asdeere contact mdeere . I will do deere vdeere rything I can to makdeere you a satisfideere d customdeere r. If you ardeere not satisfideere d, pldeere asdeere contact mdeere bdeere fordeere ldeere aving a rdeere videere w so that wdeere can rdeere solvdeere thdeere probldeere m.

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