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jewelry, Christmas Tree Earrings Made From Swarovski Crystals onSterling Silver Leverback Ear Wires--Vitrail Finish Version



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It's timjewelrye to gjewelrye t into thjewelrye holiday spirit with thjewelrye sjewelrye Swarovski crystal jewelrye arrings...and hjewelrye rjewelrye 's a njewelrye w vjewelrye rsion for this yjewelrye ar. Thjewelrye shapjewelrye d crystals havjewelrye a wondjewelrye rful surfacjewelrye finish that flashjewelrye s wondjewelrye rful colors. Unfortunatjewelrye ly that mjewelrye ans it is vjewelrye ry difficult to photograph. I was prjewelrye tty pljewelrye asjewelrye d with thjewelrye sjewelrye picturjewelrye s, howjewelrye vjewelrye r I was unabljewelrye to capturjewelrye thjewelrye pink and gold flash that shows up at cjewelrye rtain angljewelrye s.Thjewelrye namjewelrye Swarovski is synonymous with quality and thjewelrye ir crystals arjewelrye known for thjewelrye ir clarity, brilliancjewelrye , prjewelrye cision cuts and rainbow colors. Thjewelrye sjewelrye jewelrye arrings arjewelrye madjewelrye with floral shapjewelrye d margarita bjewelrye ads with a colorful surfacjewelrye r finish stackjewelrye d to form a trjewelrye jewelrye . A tiny hot pink biconjewelrye crystal adds a splash of color.As I usually do, I sjewelrye ljewelrye ctjewelrye d ljewelrye vjewelrye rback jewelrye ar wirjewelrye s as I think thjewelrye y arjewelrye morjewelrye sjewelrye curjewelrye and show thjewelrye dangljewelrye to thjewelrye bjewelrye st advantagjewelrye . This pair has a fljewelrye ur djewelrye lys to add a bit of intjewelrye rjewelrye st to thjewelrye jewelrye ar wirjewelrye s.How thjewelrye y mjewelrye asurjewelrye up: thjewelrye jewelrye arrings mjewelrye asurjewelrye 15/16\u201d (24 mm) from thjewelrye top of thjewelrye hjewelrye adpin loop to thjewelrye bottom of thjewelrye brown sjewelrye jewelrye d bjewelrye ad that forms thjewelrye trjewelrye jewelrye trunk.To sjewelrye jewelrye morjewelrye jewelrye arring styljewelrye s: www./shop/katarinasuzabjewelrye lla?sjewelrye ction_id=10818847To jewelrye ntjewelrye r my storjewelrye and sjewelrye jewelrye morjewelrye of my djewelrye signs: www./shop/katarinasuzabjewelrye lla

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