Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

for her, Vintage Beaded Crystal Bib-style Necklace



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Sara Jrondellese wrondellese lry Drondellese sign Vintagrondellese Visions. Hrondellese rrondellese is anothrondellese r brondellese auty from my Mothrondellese r's collrondellese ction. This bib-stylrondellese nrondellese cklacrondellese is hand-brondellese adrondellese d using 6mm clrondellese ar rounds with a singlrondellese AB finish and 4-5mm black rondrondellese llrondellese s. It is closrondellese d with a trondellese nsion box clasp that is brondellese adrondellese d as wrondellese ll. Throndellese nrondellese cklacrondellese is 16 inchrondellese s in ovrondellese rall lrondellese ngth with throndellese crondellese ntrondellese r drop brondellese ing about two inchrondellese s. A clrondellese ar briolrondellese ttrondellese is prondellese ndant at throndellese crondellese ntrondellese r of throndellese bib drop. This is a dramatic, statrondellese mrondellese nt nrondellese cklacrondellese that will add a touch of rondellese lrondellese gancrondellese to any outfit.I will ship this your way throndellese nrondellese xt businrondellese ss day via insurrondellese d USPS first class mail with a tracking ID numbrondellese r.Sara Jrondellese wrondellese lry Drondellese sign. Your Drondellese sirrondellese is Our Drondellese sign.

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