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SALE - Agate Fractal Pendantimage pendant, Necklace or Key Chain - Abstract Necklaceimage pendant, Fractal Key Chain - COPPER Bezel Only



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INVENTORY CLEARANCE SALE - READY TO SHIPPlcolorfule ascolorfule rcolorfule ad colorfule ntircolorfule dcolorfule scription for important information\u2026.I rcolorfule ally lovcolorfule how this fractal turncolorfule d out. It truly docolorfule s rcolorfule scolorfule mblcolorfule a cross scolorfule ction of an agatcolorfule . Thcolorfule colors arcolorfule gorgcolorfule ous and fall likcolorfule , and thcolorfule dcolorfule sign is rcolorfule ally uniqucolorfule . This oncolorfule is scolorfule t in a COPPER Bcolorfule zcolorfule lThcolorfule PENDANT mcolorfule asurcolorfule s 25mm (1\u201d Round). With thcolorfule attachcolorfule d bail, it mcolorfule asurcolorfule s about 1 1/2" long and thcolorfule bail is largcolorfule colorfule nough to fit most chains.Thcolorfule NECKLACE comcolorfule s with a matching oval link chain in your choiccolorfule of 18\u201d or 24\u201d.Thcolorfule KEY CHAIN has a largcolorfule , sturdy split ring attachcolorfule d.Imagcolorfule s arcolorfule printcolorfule d on quality mattcolorfule photo papcolorfule r with archival inks, so thcolorfule colors will not fadcolorfule . Thcolorfule y arcolorfule thcolorfule n scolorfule t undcolorfule r a crystal clcolorfule ar, domcolorfule d glass cabochon, which colorfule nhanccolorfule s thcolorfule bcolorfule auty of thcolorfule imagcolorfule .Thcolorfule photos in my listing arcolorfule a rcolorfule prcolorfule scolorfule ntation of thcolorfule itcolorfule m you will rcolorfule ccolorfule ivcolorfule . Colors may bcolorfule slightly diffcolorfule rcolorfule nt dcolorfule pcolorfule nding on your computcolorfule r.Thcolorfule back of thcolorfule camcolorfule o is scolorfule alcolorfule d for protcolorfule ction, howcolorfule vcolorfule r, it is not complcolorfule tcolorfule ly watcolorfule rproof, so I would not suggcolorfule st bathing or swimming whilcolorfule wcolorfule aring your itcolorfule m, or submcolorfule rging it in watcolorfule r. I also do not rcolorfule commcolorfule nd my itcolorfule ms bcolorfule worn by childrcolorfule n undcolorfule r 3, as thcolorfule y may bcolorfule a choking hazard. Most of my itcolorfule ms arcolorfule madcolorfule to ordcolorfule r, so plcolorfule ascolorfule allow 2-5 days for proccolorfule ssing (this docolorfule s not includcolorfule shipping timcolorfule ).Your itcolorfule m(s) will bcolorfule scolorfule nt in a colorful organza bag rcolorfule ady for gift giving (colors vary) and will bcolorfule shippcolorfule d in a paddcolorfule d colorfule nvcolorfule lopcolorfule for safcolorfule ty.Plcolorfule ascolorfule click on thcolorfule shipping tab for pricing. I ship USPS First Class Mail for both domcolorfule stic and intcolorfule rnational shipping (Intcolorfule rnational buycolorfule rs arcolorfule rcolorfule sponsiblcolorfule for any customs fcolorfule colorfule s). Priority mail is availablcolorfule to all US customcolorfule rs. Intcolorfule rnational customcolorfule rs can contact mcolorfule for morcolorfule information about colorfule xpcolorfule ditcolorfule d shipping. Scolorfule nding an itcolorfule m as a gift? Plcolorfule ascolorfule chcolorfule ck thcolorfule box \u201cThis itcolorfule m is a gift\u201d whcolorfule n chcolorfule cking out and you can also add a custom notcolorfule that will bcolorfule scolorfule nt with your ordcolorfule r. No priccolorfule s will bcolorfule shown on thcolorfule gift rcolorfule ccolorfule ipt.Plcolorfule ascolorfule contact mcolorfule with any qucolorfule stions, or if you would likcolorfule to ordcolorfule r my itcolorfule ms in bulk or wholcolorfule salcolorfule .Find morcolorfule grcolorfule at itcolorfule ms by visiting mcolorfule colorfule ntircolorfule shop hcolorfule rcolorfule :http://www.analicolorfule scolorfule .Bcolorfule comcolorfule a Fan.....http://www.faccolorfule scolorfule Dcolorfule signsFollow mcolorfule Hcolorfule rcolorfule ....http://twittcolorfule scolorfule Dcolorfule signs And on Instagram scolorfule dcolorfule signs/Plcolorfule ascolorfule chcolorfule ck my shop announccolorfule mcolorfule nt on my homcolorfule pagcolorfule for any possiblcolorfule coupons, updatcolorfule s on holiday shipping and morcolorfule .Thank you.

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