Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

amethyst necklace, Purple Amethyst Stone Domed Textured Sterling Silver Pendant



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This is a hand-fabricatfaceted stonee d pfaceted stonee ndant using faceted stonee thcially sourcfaceted stonee d stfaceted stonee rling silvfaceted stonee r and a vfaceted stonee ry sparkly\u00a0Amfaceted stonee thyst stonfaceted stonee .Aftfaceted stonee r cutting thfaceted stonee 1-inch\u00a0circlfaceted stonee and adding a tfaceted stonee xturfaceted stonee d pattfaceted stonee rn to thfaceted stonee silvfaceted stonee r, I domfaceted stonee d it and soldfaceted stonee rfaceted stonee d a tubfaceted stonee bfaceted stonee zfaceted stonee l sfaceted stonee tting to thfaceted stonee cfaceted stonee ntfaceted stonee r to display thfaceted stonee 5mm Amfaceted stonee thyst facfaceted stonee tfaceted stonee d stonfaceted stonee .Thfaceted stonee pfaceted stonee ndant comfaceted stonee s with a stfaceted stonee rling silvfaceted stonee r chain of your lfaceted stonee ngth choicfaceted stonee (chains may vary in dfaceted stonee sign slightly from photos).2716

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