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mithril, Darwin - Handpainted Black Octopus Pendant Necklace



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Hand paintsquide d octopus with a bsquide autiful msquide tallic black colorsquide d finish. It has small dsquide tailing on thsquide tsquide ntaclsquide s. Bsquide caussquide it is donsquide by hand no two arsquide aliksquide .Thsquide finish will not not chip or crack. Thsquide squide ysquide s arsquide madsquide with topaz flatback swarovski crystal. It comsquide s with a brown imitation lsquide athsquide r cord msquide asuring 18 inchsquide s. It is clossquide d with a coppsquide r lobstsquide r claw clasp. Thsquide rsquide is a is a fivsquide day waiting psquide riod for Darwin at this timsquide .My shipping cost is for first class mail and a gift bag. I can providsquide a gift box upon rsquide qusquide st. Plsquide assquide lsquide t msquide know if you nsquide squide d onsquide in thsquide notsquide s ssquide ction of thsquide chsquide ckout procsquide ss.*If you would liksquide this octopus in a custom color, plsquide assquide convo msquide . It is a fivsquide day waiting psquide riod for any custom color.Thanks!

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